projects i’ve done (mostly open source (if they’re software))

speedrunning Disneyland

i had the dumb idea to try and speedrun Disneyland and some people decided they cared. USgamer wrote about it. i attempted it on 2018-02-11 and succeeded in under 13 and a half hours. i wrote a trip report on my blog. digg wrote about it too.

Old Friends Computer Rescue

A retirement home for old computers to live out their hobbies in peace. Open source at Visit

a whole mess of twitter bots

twitter list

ordered by number of followers

  • @apartmentebooks (has over 1400 followers, almost all spam accounts)
  • @manylesbians
  • @hacker_names
  • @OhPoorEbooks
  • @gdc_talks
  • @every_domains
  • @plunkbot
  • @jkap_ebooks
  • @NiGHTSintowords
  • @kadybat_ebooks
  • @giftbasketsbot
  • @neverybword

jae has a NeXTstation

i’ve been restoring a NeXTstation over the course of a few months (mostly waiting because i was missing parts). i write about it on a blog.

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