is tilde server run by j kaplan. if you want to join pls fill out this form

if yr an existing member and have questions, you can read the faq is a small unix box for small sites for trans women and camab non-men. it's free for everyone on it but if you wanna help pay for it you can donate some money.

here's a list of who's on it:

  1. 00dani
  2. annabelle
  3. atlas
  4. bug
  6. claire
  7. crohawk
  8. danger
  9. elly
  10. erin
  11. faq
  12. fen
  13. jayhay
  14. jkap
  15. kadybat
  16. kuraine
  17. lamb
  18. letsbreelhere
  19. ohpoorpup
  20. rockpuppy
  21. shoofle
  22. sillysina
  23. tai

you can see who's updated in the last 24 hours here is free for everyone who uses it. it's supported via donations from the community. if you want to donate, you can do so here.

if you donate, i'll add you to the list of donors.

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2016-08-22 | ~jkap